What’s our next study!?

Many of our groups may be getting close to wrapping up the initial study that Pastor Brian put together for getting the groups started (BTW – great job, Pastor!). Typically, you should begin thinking about what you’re going to do next shortly after beginning any study series (at least by the half-way point). Again, a good place to start is – prayer. Pray first about the general topic you should look at, then begin looking and evaluating.

We have a fair number of DVD based studies available for use in the FCC library (more on that at a later date).

Another good site is to scan through the materials at www.christianbooks.com , which has a huge amount of material available. Still another cool site to check out is http://store.northpoint.org/small-group-solution-center/dvds.html. Northpoint is Andy Stanley’s church. You may not (or may) be familiar with Andy Stanley, but the small group DVD curricula they produce is typically very well produced and well presented, and the lessons/messages are well thought out. Lastly, ask around about what other groups are doing.

BTW… if you find a study you want to do, you can order it online from various sources, or you can ask Christina in the Mosaic Book Store to order the DVD/Participant’s Guide books for you! It couldn’t get any more convenient than that!!!

There’s a start – hope it helps.  If you have any questions (about this or anything else), feel free to contact Tim Revis trevis@firstdecatur.org (FCC Small Groups Coach) or Pastor Brian.


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