‘Square 1’ for Leaders

If you’re reading this you’re in a role (Small Group Leader or Coach) that involves helping others in some way in their spiritual development. At First we like to call this helping other become “Fully Devoted Followers of Christ.” However, we must realize that, as we do this, it’s important to remember that we begin by continually working on ourselves.  Think of it like an in-flight emergency on an airplane when the oxygen masks drop down in front of your face. If you’ve ever heard that pre-flight announcement about the potentiality of this happening, you may recall the instruction to make sure you put your oxygen mask on first, before helping children or others around you with theirs. It’s a frightening experience, but there’s a universal truth in that example.

So it is with spiritual development – we need to work on ourselves first, and continue to do so as we seek to help others grow. I read recently that, “There comes a time when a Christian leader realizes that he or she must take responsibility for his or her own spiritual development.” This is so true – only then can others help. For our purposes here, it is this spiritual development that will help empower you in leading a small group, not acting like a “leaderby checking things off you should do or trying to be an “authority figure.”

How do we do this – where do we start? A good place to start is with something called spiritual disciplines.” Much is written on this subject, but in his book Leading Life-Changing Small Groups, Bill Donahue offers this advice:

  • Study – spend time reading God’s Word – the Bible – regularly. This really is the oxygen of spiritual development (read 2 Tim. 3:16-17)
  • Worship – His praise should be constantly on our minds and lips (not just on Saturday/Sunday) (read Psalm 95:6-7, Matt. 4:10,  Luke 4:8, Romans 12:1-2 )
  • Service – be a humble servant, remembering the example Jesus gave us as He washed His disciples feet (read John 13, 2 Corr. 8:4)
  • Prayer – find time to talk to God on a regular (daily) basis, without distraction of people or things (read Matt. 6:5-8Mark 11:24Philip. 4:6 John 16:23-24)
  • Fellowship – care each other mutually as the body of Christ (an important role for small group leaders) (read Matt. 18:20, 1 John 1:7)
  • Confession – confess your sins to God, and others around you, especially where forgiveness is needed (where applicable; read 2 Timothy 2:19  , James 5:16Mark 11:25)
  • Submission – humbly seek to server others and seek others that can hold you accountable for your actions and growth in Christ (read Luke 18:14, )

Is this an “all inclusive” list or process for spiritual development (as small group leaders or otherwise)? Is this all there is to “spiritual development?” Absolutely not – but it’s a good place to start for leaders (and everyone else)! Ask yourself, “how often do I do these things?”

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to ask myself or Pastor Brian.

In Christ…

“Churchteams” and Small Group Meeting Reports

Hi, and Merry Christmas – everyone!

Just an FYI that ‘Churchteams’ is a tool that we use to help manage/administer the Small Groups ministry at First.

One of the ways we you can help us in keeping track of what’s going on in “Small Group Land,” is to fill out a meeting report after each of your Small Group meetings. It’s easy and only takes a few minutes.

How can this be, is it true, you may ask? Answer – yes, it’s easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.  Here’s how…

You will automatically receive a reminder (via email) within 24 hours of each meeting to complete your report. The email will contain a link you can click on, which will take you to the FCC Churchteams site where you can easily fill out the online meeting report form. It’s super easy and only takes a few minutes! You’ll get three reminders (one each day) to fill out your report (you’ll stop getting them after you complete the report). After the fourth reminder (i.e., no report), your Small Group Coach will get a reminder to kindly ask you to please! fill out your report. If prompted for a login – just enter ‘Leader’.

You can also click a box on the report form to send a copy to your group members, if you like. This is a great way to remind the group what was discussed, as well as a “friendly reminder” for those who were unable to attend.

That’s it – it’s quick – it’s easy – and it helps the Small Group Ministry at First in our ultimate goal of Growing Together!!!


Prayer for Tim

Good Morning Team,

This morning, our “Head Coach” Tim Revis is in surgery to repair a broken sternum from a car accident that took place several months ago.  While Tim was supposed to be five-months-in on a six-month recovery, it turned out that his sternum was not healing on its own.

So today, the surgeon will have to break Tim’s sternum vertically and wire it back together in order to repair the horizontal break from several months ago. (Essentially, open heart surgery without the “heart part.”)  Thus will begin another six month recovery with a 5lb lifting restriction.

Your Prayers for Tim this morning are welcomed and appreciated.

With Thanks in Christ Jesus,

-Pastor Brian