Churchteams? What’s That??

At the Small Group Leaders Huddle this week I handed out a “6 Cool Things You Can Do in Churchteams” sheet. It didn’t occur to me that many (if not most) of the Leaders didn’t even know what Churchteams (“CT”) is, let alone you could do “cool things” in CT. Oops! My mistake – for which I humbly apologize.

Churchteams is an online system (database) that we (FCC) uses to track Small Group membership and other general administrative tasks. If you’re a Leader, you probably receive an email after your regularly scheduled meeting night asking you to please complete your meeting report (which is actually pretty darn easy to do). Well, this email actually automatically comes out of CT, and you complete your meeting report in CT. You may have been using CT but didn’t even realize it!

So… other than getting there from the that email, it also did not occur to me that hardly anyone knows how to go directly to CT. In order to make it easier (i.e., so you don’t have to type on a long esoteric address in your Internet Explorer web browser (or whatever browser you use), you can get there by typing in this shorter address: .

That will take to the logon page. Logon? How do I do that? Well… you’ll need the leader password (which also functions as your userid in CT).  You will be receiving the leader password via email soon. Once you have that, you can then logon and poke around. You can also optionally set a secondary password for accessing your group’s information, but that’s not strictly necessary. Try it, you’ll like it. For more specific help, Rayla will be putting together a guide for you to help you navigate around. If you have specific questions or problems, email and one of us will try to help!

Good luck! Blessings….

Tim Revis
Deacon of Small Groups

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