Leader Huddle Follow-up

Thank you to those who were able to make time to participate in our recent Leader Huddle this past week. To those who were unable to attend, we missed you.

Recognizing we tried to cover a lot of ground in short period of time, the next several posts will both rearticulate some key points for those who were there and get those who were not there, up to speed.

One key area that we failed to leave enough time for was YOUR INPUT! Questions, concerns, challenges, trials, etc.

Thus to start off what will be the first of a five entry series…

What would you like to ask? Express? Share? Discuss?

Please take advantage of the Comments section below to begin the dialogue both with us and amongst one another.

We look forward to hearing from you!

4 thoughts on “Leader Huddle Follow-up

  1. How are you handling the introduction of small groups to our new members and/or the regular attenders who do not participate in a small group? During the “campaign”, if you will, a year ago to get new small groups established and people attending, an announcement was made for several weeks. I believe it was an insert in the bulletin for several Sundays. Now, it’s just a small paragraph in the bulletin/newsletter. Never to be mentioned during service again. Grow Together Wednesday Night is mentioned every week. Why not small groups?

    1. Hey Angi,

      Yes, great point. (Tim and I have been discussing this very thing).

      One of the challenges is being careful not to try and communicate too much on any given Sunday announcement slot; but you are right–we need to with more regularity push small groups PARTICULARLY since it is such a critical next step for those participating just in worship services.

      You should begin to see this more and more in the coming months!

  2. My previous church was much more heavy into small groups (it was an expectation for all who attended). Actual attendance was around 60%. During one such campaign, they were targeting 80% involvement and recruited a lot more small group leaders. When the campaign ended, almost 1/2 of the recruited leaders had groups of 4 or less – these newly recruited leaders who were stepping out of their comfort zone didn’t get to really exercise this new commitment well. Hence, my advice is to prayerfully consider how many new leaders you are targeting. Too many new ones is probably as bad (if not worse?) then not enough.

    1. Good point Joe–I’ve run into that the hard way before–trying to grow something faster than the infrastructure can support. In this case, trying to release too many leaders without enough attention to their support (especially at the front end) can quickly do more damage than good.

      Honestly, relative to what Angie said above–when we did our first real launch last fall, we didn’t have enough leadership to support the response from the congregation, and we are still playing catch up.

      Thank you for Discussing!


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