one-wayYou are committed to your small group! No doubt about it… because, you probably wouldn’t be taking the time to read this post if you weren’t.

And why we too are committed to small groups, in so much as they “develop relationships with one another that develop our ultimate relationship with the Lord,” we are not committed to a singular means in which to see that goal through. Meaning, there is no “one way” a small group must operate in terms of meeting agenda, meeting frequency, meeting location, or even the specific goal of each meeting.

Recognizing that the goal of your Small Group is not a program, but relationships—here are five ways to throw a “change-up” to your small group this summer.

1. Stop

Stop Meeting weekly/every-other-week for two or three months this summer. Perhaps have monthly socials or special events. There is truth in, “absence makes the heart grow fonder” in that it gives your group the ability to enjoy “kicking off” again this fall. However, you really need to commit to return to your regularly scheduled program!

2. Serve

Sometimes the best way to “grow together” is to serve together. Perhaps rather than meet in a home, your group could meet 1st and 3rd Saturdays at 10am for Adopt a Block. Your group may also prayerfully consider taking on a mission of its own. Is there something that is really near to someone in the group’s heart – a concern/cause they feel God is speaking into them?

3. Play

In line with #1, here are some fun ideas: Guys for golf? Gals for shopping? Potluck for all in a park? Whiffle Ball game with the kids? Cookouts? Concerts? It doesn’t have to be on the same day/night you normally meet. Just about anything fun you can do with your family–ask, “could this be an opportunity for our whole small group?”

4. Go Global

We frequently have our missionaries home on furlough. Having them visit your group to share of their mission and receive prayer and possible financial support is a real win both for your group and the missionaries.

5. Genesis

If your group would like to continue to meet and work through a study, consider not “reinventing the wheel” by complimenting the current sermon series. You can find several Genesis study guides in Mosaic Café for you and your small group.

Whatever you are leaning toward (as one wise person said at our Leader Huddle) talk with you group about these options. That’s the beauty of small group relationships–the opportunity to discuss, share and do life together.


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