Wear White Please (8/24-25)!


Ok, so maybe you can’t rock a white suit like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, and perhaps you don’t even have an all white suit (but if you do… ).  In any case, we (the FCC pastors) are asking everyone to wear white to church this weekend.  No… that doesn’t mean you need an all white suit, but please wear something white to church this weekend (8/24-25) – even if it’s just a white shirt or dress.

white-shirt-dressWe can’t tell you why we’re asking you to wear white this weekend (that’s a surprise), but simply asking you to please wear white (if at all possible).

Please pass this onto members in your Grow Together or Serve Together group and other friends!

August 7, Group Leader Huddle ABRIDGED VERSION_Part TWO

Thank you for your time (18 minutes to be exact) to hear the heart and the “why” behind what’s coming for your group and group life this fall and beyond…

These next two vids represent part two and together will take less than 11 minutes.  This will get you up to speed in what you can expect beginning THIS WEEKEND! from folk in our congregation… and beyond we pray.




August 7, Group Leader Huddle ABRIDGED VERSION_Part ONE

Whether we missed you last night or you just can’t get enough of the vision for group life at FCC…. Thank you in advance for taking the time to invest in your group by watching/listening to the following.

BE SURE CATCH PART 2 AS WELL!–Really practical nuts and bolts for what is going to happen in your email/phone inbox starting this weekend!

Follow along with the Handout from last night’s meeting below:

August 7, Group Leader Meeting HANDOUT