study the greatest sermon every preached

This week in Worship you’re going to hear the greatest sermon ever preached!

[You as Blog Reader: “Did he just actually say that?!”]

…Yes! Because it’s Jesus’ Sermon! The Sermon on the Mount… ha ha, gotchya!

This week we begin a Seven Week series, “On Earth… as it is in Heaven.”  And if you’re looking for a study for your small group, you may consider doing a study in conjunction with the weekend sermon series.


I would encourage you to take a look at LifeGuide Bible Study “Sermon on the Mount”  by the late John Stott (who by the way, is one of the top Bible scholars of the last century and who has been my go to resource in sermon preparation for this upcoming series)

You can order it through amazon at Sermon-Mount-Lifeguide-Bible-Studies, or we would be glad to help you with the process if you need – just email us at

4 thoughts on “study the greatest sermon every preached

  1. Sounds like the Lord’s prayer. I love that phrase in it and earnestly pray for His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven each Sunday and often in between. Will be anxious to see how that fits in the sermon on the mount. Sharon

  2. If you aren’t familiar with looking at things like this (that is …. books) on, you might note the “Look Inside” tag in the upper right corner of the book image. This will allow you to actually see some of the book content online (just click on the book image). In this case, I think you can review the first two chapters, as well as the “Leader” portion of the book. This is a great feature that’s helpful in providing insight as to how you might use it in a group study setting!!!


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