Churchteams Help (& other fun stuff)

By now you probably know what “Churchteams” is because you get an email from the system day asking you to complete your meeting reports shortly after your regularly scheduled meeting (BTW – please do fill out these reports, we really do read them and really are interested in what’s going on in ‘group land’).

Beyond that, it’s likely that you’re confused about what Churchteams (“CT”) means to you and/or how to use it.

Well… you’re in luck!

There’s now a new page on the Grow Together blog site called “Documents/Resources.”

On that page you’ll find documents and other resources you’ll find useful as a group leader. The first document posted is the “Churchteams User Guide.” This will explain how you can use CT to manage and maintain information about your group and the members in it. This is important because much of that information is what shows up in the “Group Browse” page on the iPads on the Get Connected wall at the church (aka, The Wall). This same page is also available on the church’s website ( We will continue to add other documents and resources designed to help you as a leader – so please check back periodically.

So, check it out… if you have any questions or need additional help, send an email to Either myself, Pastor Brian, or Rayla Cass (Group Life Administrator) will respond back as quickly as possible to help you out!

Blessings all…

Tim Revis
Group Life Deacon


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