Explore Leading Class – WED NITE LIVE

It really is quite rare for someone to actually be a “born leader.” However, that doesn’t mean that anyone else isn’t leadership material or can pull it off with great effectiveness. 

Jumping in to a leadership role can be an uncertain thing for many people, if not downright scary – particularly if you haven’t done this sort of thing before. It’s often a leap of faith. So how can we, as leaders, get those in our Grow Together groups who may be hesitant to take the leap in to group leading to take that leap?

Albert Einstein said it best: “When the solution is easy, God is answering.”

Guess what? God answered. The solution is easy. It’s the Explore Group Leading class coming soon to a Wednesday Night Live near you!

Explore Leading

We’ve been talking a lot the past few months about identifying others in your groups that can lead a group themselves. Perhaps they just need someone to encourage them to take the leap. Most leaders didn’t come out of the womb that way – they just had someone believe in them at some point, to have faith in them.

So, believe in someone and encourage them to attend the Explore Group Leading class on March 12th and check it out. Remind them that attending this class does not commit them to taking on leading a Grow Together group, but it will answer many questions they may have and ease uncertainty about taking the leap.

In Christ…

Tim Revis

Group Life Deacon


P.S., also, please point those people you are mentoring to this blog and encourage them to subscribe to it!


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