Need Help? Reach out!

Hi, Grow Together Leaders!

This is just a quick reminder that we’re here to help. When things are going smoothly, that’s a sweet thing and we can praise God for the blessing of the Holy Spirit working in your group. But if you’re struggling with something (or someone), it can quickly become overwhelming and even discouraging. Alternately,  you may just have a question or need advice/direction on a decision that is before you.

Whatever the case, we’re here to help and be a resource to you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. Reaching out can be via email or phone call, or grab Pastor Brian or myself on the weekend (I’m on worship team most weekends) – we may be able to help right then or it may necessitate scheduling time to discuss it (depending on the situation).  In any case, a personal contact (even if it begins via email) is best.

We pray that things are going well for you and your group, but if they’re not, we definitely need to pray for that also. Nothing is too big for us to handle together (you, us [me and Brian], and the Holy Spirit).

In Christ…

Tim Revis

Group Life Deacon

P.S., also, please point those people you are mentoring to this blog and encourage them to subscribe to it!



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