Open Chair > Open Door > Growing Community

Church is not about Saturday evening or Sunday morning. Church is not about a building on MacArthur road (or any other building). Church is about the people of God acting in community to share the message of God – the gospel – the Good News – with people around them. The key to this sharing is community.

We have spent a lot of time talking about the open chair concept for Grow Together groups. I have heard from several leaders who have fully embraced the open chair by actually having the “open” (empty) chair present in their meetings. That’s awesome! That empty chair serves as a reminder for everyone in the group that growth can (and should) happen through the small group experience (both for people already in the group, as well as newcomers). That the group should be a growing community, especially for those seeking to be the church.

However, while you may have an empty chair, we also need to ask – do you have an open door?

That empty chair will never get filled unless you have an open door, where you’re actively inviting others into your small group community. The idea is to fill that empty chair. So please consider not only having an empty chair, but having an open door and actively inviting others to come in and fill that empty chair (then you’ll need another empty chair, which is very cool!).

Lastly, prayerfully consider seeking people out and extending that invitation to people in your immediate community – meaning your neighbors (i.e., in your neighborhood, on your street or block). Remember that people do not necessarily have to be members or attend FCC to participate in your group. Inviting those people into your group (and to Grow with you) extends the love of Christ and the blessing of the gospel message to those who may not have any idea who Jesus Christ even is.. That is just one way of being the church, within the context of the small group community. Let us know how it goes – we’re here to help, but we especially want to hear about Grow Together group wins!

In Christ…

Tim Revis

Group Life Deacon

P.S., also, please point those people you are mentoring to this blog and encourage them to subscribe to it!


One thought on “Open Chair > Open Door > Growing Community

  1. Hi Tim, We have decided to no longer be in the small group. You will need to talk to the other group members to see who will be the group leader. In Christ, Kathy


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