Get your “Circle Maker” Study This Week

Thank you for taking less than 5 minutes to see how get your Grow Together Small Group rallied around prayer this Fall…

For groups who traditionally have childcare, keep your eye out for the take home sheets (Parent Que) in F4 and Discovery Zone, as they will have Prayer prompts each week coinciding with our prayer initiative this fall.
As an aside, Parent Que sheets can always serve as great material for children during small group (beyond childcare) to explore together as a follow-up to the kids’ weekend worship experience.

2 thoughts on “Get your “Circle Maker” Study This Week

  1. Hey – thanks for the F4 & DZ nod!! Our small group babysitter has actually done the God Time Cards (specifically for kids) with our small group kids before. We (F4) are sending home Parent Cue cards for the next 5 weeks, as you mentioned, as we were able to edit them to encourage a specific prayer to go with big church. Great job, Tim!

    And just in case you didn’t already know, Parent Cue and God Time Cards are always available on-line by going to FCC’s website.

  2. Hi Tim, I need to take the Hendersons off of our small group roster. Could you do that for me? Thank you Kathy Closen


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