postponed leader huddle.001Unfortunately I picked a weekend when many of you are away or unavailable.  In attempt to have a huddle when a greater number can attend, I am postponing this weekend’s leader huddle.  More information to come soon.





As I’ve said before, the goal of our groups and classes is that the people in them would be more like Jesus because of the time we spend together and the relationship we have with them.  If that is true, than my next questions may seem counter-intuitive, but here we go:

How fun is your group/class?

When is the last time your class/group had fun together?

Seriously, take a minute to think about those questions.

I’m not suggesting at all that discipleship is not a serious subject.  Believe me, I take the spiritual development of our congregation very seriously.

However I also believe that:

  • fun over time leads to deeper connection
  • deeper connection with one another leads to greater trust and vulnerability
  • greater trust and vulnerability leads to more frequent opportunities for conversation and life moments that can lead to spiritual movement.

I am not saying that fun always leads to spiritual growth.  I’m certain that we can all think of a million examples of fun leading away from spiritual health.  However, I also think that sometimes we forget that fun can play an important role in the way we connect with people.  So, let me ask you again: How fun is your group/class?  

More importantly, how can you use fun this week to build the connection in your group/class, so that you can in turn create opportunities to help one another become even more like Jesus?  [please share your idea in the comments section]

Thanks so much!  Have a great week! JG


  1. I know we did an open house for our class a number of years ago around Christmas and it was a big hit. It seems we run out of open days each season, but your post is making me think we need to attempt something again. Thanks for the reminder and encouragement!


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