Grow Together Weekly Update | March 24

GT Update March 24 from Jon Grunden on Vimeo.


Here is the article I referenced in the video.  Please take a few minutes to read through.  If your group/class does really well with prayer, and you have some additional ideas, please share in the comments.   Otherwise, hopefully this will give you some ideas to make prayer an even greater part of your group/class time.


This week, I would love it if each of you would take a few minutes to tell me what you love about your small group or class.  I would like to use this information to help others understand why this could be an important part of their faith development. Please use the form below to let me know.

If the form doesn’t show, please click here.

Have an amazing Easter!!! Thanks, – JG

2 thoughts on “Grow Together Weekly Update | March 24

  1. Great ideas in the video on group prayer. I will try to implement some of them in the weeks to come. Thanks for your input and encouragement. God is so good. Praise Him!

  2. Great material and good heads up. I realize I am the line leader – I guess just out of consistency and habit and time management. Several of these are definitely worth trying. I will be getting some notecards together for next Sunday!!! Thank you Jonathan


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