Hey all, I hope you’ve had a great week.  I had the opportunity to attend the re:group conference at the beginning of the week, and it was such a huge encouragement to me to be reminded of the value of what we each do.

While I learned a great deal, I was also reminded over and over again that great leaders are key to having great discipleship in groups and classes.  Thank you for being great leaders.  Thank you for making it a priority to not only get together as a group or class, but really invest yourself in each individual with the goal of them being more like Jesus.  I know it may not always seem like it, but God is using you and your group/class to bring about significant growth in people’s lives.  Thank you for playing such a key role in that process.


Love Where You Are - Neighborhood Prayer Card (FRONT)As I mentioned last week and in the leader huddle, I was writing a 2 week curriculum to go along with the “Love Where You Are” series that begins this weekend.  This study is intended to be used by small groups and classes during any two weeks of this series or following this series.  It would probably be most ideal to use this toward the end of the four week series, but it will work at any time.  If your group/class is interested in using this study, you can download and print it here:

Love Where You Are – Small Group Study – Week 1

Love Where You Are – Small Group Study – Week 2

I will also leave some copies at the welcome center if you would prefer to just pick them up that way.


You rightnowmediashould have received an invitation last week to create an account on Rightnow Media.  Please let me know if you did not receive the invitation.  As you begin to explore your account and what Rightnow can do, please send me any thoughts and questions you have.  We will be rolling this out to the congregation next weekend (May 14 and 15), and I would love to have your feedback to help others as they join.

Lastly, I just wanted to say thank you again to stepping into the messiness of people’s lives and consistently reflecting God’s love, grace, and truth.  Have a wonderful weekend and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.

Thanks, JG


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