Grow Together Early June Update – Part 1

Hello all, I hope your summer is off to a great start!


As we start this week, I would love to get a little feedback from you.  Please use the form below to let me know a little more about your group/class.
If you don’t see the form, please click here to submit your answers.



summersunAs I mentioned a few weeks ago, often our rhythm of life changes in the summer, and for many of us that also means changes in our group and class rhythm.  While breaks are good and healthy, they can also cause the bond you’ve worked so hard to cultivate to begin to deteriorate.  That bond is essential to the discipleship that takes place in your group/class.

This summer, my wife is working really hard to make sure that our kids continue to develop academically during the summer.  Is she doing this to ruin their lives?  Maybe they think so some days, but the reality is they will re-enter school in August in a much better place than they would have if they only spent the summer playing and goofing around.  Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of goofing around going on, but the balance of both is important to their growth.

The same is true in our groups and classes.  Take time this summer to have fun, but please continue to make ongoing development a priority, so that when you get back together in the fall, you will be starting from a much better place.


How, Colorful words hang on rope by wooden peg

I would love to hear your ideas on how to continue to cultivate spiritual development in your group/class during the summer.  In fact, please share an idea in the comment section.  However, I also wanted to share a few ideas I had.



  • Continue to pray for one another.  Even if you aren’t meeting regularly, send a text or email each week asking your people for prayer requests, and then share those with the group.
  • Talk about the commitment you made to serve your neighborhood during the Love Where You Are series.  Help one another generate ideas, and keep one another accountable.
  • Join each other in an online Bible Reading program. has some awesome bible reading programs.  You could all agree on one and commit to reading together. As a follow-up to the Love Where You Are series, I would recommend this one: How to Neighbor
  • Read the once a week FCC Bible Study during the Samuel series that begins this weekend.  Once you read it, start a conversation over text or email with your group.  If you don’t already receive these message, simply text FIRSTDECATUR to 24587 or click here to sign up for emails.


maxresdefaultWe will begin the Finding Your Way Back to God series September 9/10.  Please plan for your group/class to join us for that study.  If you would like a preview of what that study is about, please check it out on rightnow media here:  If you don’t already have a rightnow media account, you can create one here:


Thank you for taking the time to read this.  If you’ve read this far, you get an A+ for the day.  Please go ahead and reward yourself with an ice cream cone or frappuccino . 🙂

As always, please let me know if there is any way I can serve you or the people in your group/class.

Thank you, JG


6 thoughts on “Grow Together Early June Update – Part 1

  1. We are still meeting once a month. We meet at a local park and grill out while the kids play. We will be inviting some neighbors to join us! We also have a Facebook group to share prayer requests, life events and funny jokes!

  2. Summer is a great time to go to ball games of other kids in SG; cook outs together or even day trips. Noah’s Ark is opening this summer. That would be a cool road trip together as a SG! Serving together at Adopt-a-Block or training together @ the Tuesday night runs in Fairview Park & then running a 5K together would be great! A picnic on the beach @ Lake Shelbyville, Blues in Central Park… Decatur Magazine has all kinds of fun activities to do together all summer long! 😎😎

  3. Our group has 6 couples. We meet every other week & have dinner together after our study. While it is rare for us to all be together, we have an assignment to read before we meet each time & Try to stay on schedule. The absent people are expected to “catch up.” If the number of people who can meet is so small we don’t feel we will have good discussion we may just have a meal together with those who can. We also attend some fundraisers together. For example, we have attended several dinners to support Good Samaritan Inn & ReleaseThrough Jesus Prison Ministry. This fall we actually found 5 days when we can all take off for a Road Trip! We are all very excited about that!

  4. Those are some great ideas as to how to stay connected through the summer. Our group plans to continue meeting during the summer as usual. We are adding one “serve” time in place of our regularly scheduled weekly meeting time.
    ps. I read to the bottom twice. Do I get 2 ice cream cones? 😉


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