Hello awesome Grow Together Leaders, it truly is a blessing to serve with each of you.  Thank you for the way you lead and shepherd the people in your groups and classes, so that together we can become more like Jesus.


jesus-according-to-matthew-test-4Next weekend (Feb 11/12) we begin our 30-week “Jesus According to Matthew” series.  As I’ve mentioned previously for the first 6 weeks of this series we will be creating small group material designed to follow each weekend’s sermon. Starting next week we will have Week 1’s study available on this page, and I will leave copies at the welcome center as well.  We would love it if your group or class would join us for these 6 weeks. 


rightnowmediaI wanted to take a minute to remind you that one of the tools you have available to you as a small group leader or teacher is our church subscription to Rightnow Media.  Not only can you find studies for your group, there are a lot of great studies and training sessions you can use for your personal study and development. If you don’t currently have an account, you can get a free one by using this link: https://www.rightnow.org/Account/Invite/firstdecatur.  Please also share that link with anyone in your group or class who would like an account.


devoted-together-memeThis weekend is the first opportunity for our congregation to commit or re-commit to the Devoted Together Covenant.  We will also be encouraging everyone, including those who are not ready to make that commitment, to use that form to update their contact information.  One of the questions we are asking is for people to let us know if they are in a “Grow Together Ministry”.  To help us have the most accurate records, would you please encourage the people in your group or class to check that box “yes”, and write your name when it asks for their leader’s name.


PrayI also wanted to remind you that next week (Feb 6-10) is our prayer week.  Each day will be different, but each day will have 3 identical opportunities to pray (7 am, Noon, and 6 pm).  Please encourage your small group or class to join us each day as we pray for God’s direction for our church and his provision for what he has called us to. 



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