Grow Together Update | March 3

Hello awesome leaders, I hope your week is going well.  This week’s post comes to you from Michigan where Winter is still alive and well.


jesus-according-to-matthew-test-4HERE IS THE STUDY FOR NEXT WEEK (MAR 5 – 11)


Please feel free to share this link with your group. Copies will also be available at the Welcome Center.



share-your-story02I was reminded again this week of the power of our personal stories.  Each one of us has unique life experiences, and as we come together in our groups, it is important that we share those stories with one another.  If your group hasn’t done that before or maybe not in a while, I would encourage you to set aside some time, each time you meet, for one or two people in your group to share their story.

As I was thinking about this idea I came across this resource, called a “Life Map”, that you can give the people in your group to help them think through their story before they share it.  Here is a link to the resource:

Thank you for leading so well.



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