Grow Together Update | Mar 16

Hello awesome leaders, below is some important information about our Matthew Study and SOME AMAZING SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES (read all the way to the bottom)


When we began the Matthew series we said we would write small group studies for at least the first six weeks.  We have decided to extend that to eight weeks, which will lead right up to Palm Sunday.  For Palm Sunday we will be jumping to Matthew 21, so that felt like a natural break for these studies.  If your small group would like to continue studying Matthew beyond week 8, I will be sharing some resources next week to help you do that.


jesus-according-to-matthew-test-4HERE IS THE STUDY FOR NEXT WEEK (MARCH 19-25)

Jesus According to Matthew – Small Group Study – Week 6

Please feel free to share this link with your group. Copies will also be available at the Welcome Center.


If your group or class is looking for a powerful one week study, I would highly recommend “In Light of Eternity.  This film offers a powerful glimpse into the light God is shining in the dark places of Africa by telling the tales of transformed lives as well as those who devoted their resources toward the service of others.

There is a video and study guide available on Rightnow Media here: Caution: This film was shot on location in East Africa and contains mature themes and brief images of extreme suffering and naked children. 

There is also a great new study on the book of Jonah.  Please check that out here:

There is also a 4 week series on generosity that looks really good.  You can find that here:


As we talked about at the last huddle, one of the things we all want to be about is helping our groups serve together.  In light of that, I got an email from the Block ministry this week inviting our groups and classes to serve.  Here is what Amanda shared with me:

“We are getting ready for a new season of ministry in the Block, and we wanted to let you know about some opportunities for small groups to serve in the neighborhood. 
First, we are planning to provide a meal at each of our first Saturday events.  Many of the families in the Block receive backpacks with food at the end of the school day on Friday to help families get through the weekend.  When school is out of session they stop receiving those bags.  The park district has a program that provides lunch on weekdays, but many families are hungry over the weekend.  We would love to invite small groups to prepare and serve lunch to our neighbors.  The dates of our events are May 6, June 3, July 1, August 5, September 2, and October 7.”
I think this would be an awesome way for groups and classes to join our existing ministry in the Block.  If you would be interested in serving, please email me at, and I would love to help you get connected.
Thanks again, JG


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