Grow Together Update | April 27

Hello Grow Together Leaders, first of all, if you have not registered for the Serve Together Celebration, please do so by this Monday.  You can register online here:  It’s going to be an awesome evening.




Ravshan and Lisa Uraimov will be back in Decatur June 4-22 and August 5-16.  If you are not familiar with Ravshan and Lisa, they are currently serving in Kazakhstan and would love to come share with your small group or class while they are here.  If you are interested in having them visit, please email me and let me know.




If your group or class is looking for a powerful one week study, I would highly recommend “In Light of Eternity.  This film offers a powerful glimpse into the light God is shining in the dark places of Africa by telling the tales of transformed lives as well as those who devoted their resources toward the service of others.

There is a video and study guide available on Rightnow Media here: Caution: This film was shot on location in East Africa and contains mature themes and brief images of extreme suffering and naked children. 

Thank you again! – JG


Hello amazing Grow Together Leaders, I hope your week is going well!


We are so excited for the Serve Together Celebration on Monday May 8.  It is going to be an amazing evening and I hope to see all of you there as we celebrate what God is doing through each of you.  You can RSVP by calling the church office, or online here: Please RSVP by May 1



Believe it or not, Summer is right around the corner, and Summer can be a tricky season for groups.  In summer we each take on a different rhythm of life that makes it more challenging to maintain group life.  With that in mind, I would encourage you to begin talking with your group now about your summer rhythm.  

If you are able to keep your group going in your normal rhythm, that is great.  It can also be valuable to shift your meeting rhythm and purpose.  Most importantly, I would recommend that you continue to meet in some capacity and make a plan for when you will re-start your normal rhythm in the fall.  One suggestion for summer, is to meet once a month for a social gathering or service opportunity.  While study is obviously an important part of group life, sometimes a break from study will make re-engaging study in the fall even more exciting.

As always, if you have questions, please contact me anytime. I would love to help.

Thank you for leading faithfully and well.

  • JG







Hello awesome Grow Together Leaders and Teachers.


I know I mentioned this idea last week, but I wanted to give it another go because I think it’s a great way for our groups and classes to be others focused while partnering with a great ministry in our church.  I’ve also had several questions, so I wanted to bring clarity.




  • Choose a Saturday.  We have a group taking May 6, but we are still looking to confirm groups for June 3, July 1, and Aug 5.  If none of these weekends work for your group, please choose a Saturday that does and let us know.
  • Let me know. Email me to let me know which date you picked. 
  • Make a meal. 
    • You will need enough food for 50 people (including yourselves).
    • Most of the people that come will be children.
    • Food will need to be prepared at your homes in advance.
    • You will need to provide, food, drinks, and anything that goes with it.
      • Pastor BJ does have a 5 gallon jug if you want to bring a powdered drink and use that.
    • Pastor BJ will provide plates, cups, and utensils.
    • Meals should be simple.  Here is an example:
      • Burgers and dogs – including buns, cheese, and condiments, or even ham and cheese sandwiches
      • Chips
      • Some sort of salad or fruit
      • Some sort of dessert
      • something to drink.
  • Show up, serve, and eat. Coordinate a time with Pastor BJ or Amanda Elven, show up, serve the meal, and hang out and eat with the neighbors.


Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 3.38.41 PMThe Intentional Church conference is taking place at FCC on Saturday April 22 from 8:30-3:30.  This one-day conference equips ministry leaders and volunteers to help them reach their communities for Jesus Christ.  Here is a link with more information about the conference: Intentional Church Conference

As a Small Group Leader or Teacher this would be a great opportunity for encouragement and training.  The KEYNOTE SPEAKERS are excellent and there are some great breakouts too.

If you are interested please register online here.

Thank you again for everything you do!

  • JG