Grow Together Update | Sept 14

Hello Grow Together Leaders, I hope your first week of the Tell Me MORE series went well.  I have heard great things from a number of leaders and received some very thought-provoking questions.   Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


This weekend Pastor Brian is continuing the Tell Me MORE series, by answering the question “Why Do People Do Bad Things?”  As a reminder each week’s study is intended to be used following the sermon.  In other words, please plan to do week two of the study between Sept. 17-23.



There is a brief video to go along with each week’s study.  Week Two’s video features Greg Taylor, the Senior Pastor at First Christian Church in Clinton.  You can find all four videos online at

As a preview, here is the week two video:

If you are unable to see the video, please click here.


Our next Leader Huddle is next Sunday (Sept. 24) at 6 PM in Mosaic Cafe.  Please plan to be at this huddle.  I would love to hear your feedback on the Tell Me MORE study.  Plus we will be doing some training and discussing next steps for your group.




I think small groups and classes are awesome, and I’m assuming you do too since you are in one. So, I thought it would be cool to use this coming week to get the word out about Small Groups at First Christian.  One of the best ways to do that is social media.  During your group or class this week I would encourage you to take a picture of your group and post it online with a comment about how much you love your group.  In fact, let’s make it interesting.  When you post your picture,  tag me and I will put your name in a hat and do a drawing for a fun prize.

Thanks again, JG


One thought on “Grow Together Update | Sept 14

  1. I had a neat experience today. I went to the little restaurant in Cerro Gordo for brunch which I never do and as I walked in I noticed two ladies sitting at a table in a corner and one of them was just mentioning the Tell Me More series. I walked over thinking they might be from FCC although I had never seen them before. So I said “I heard you mention the Tell Me More series; are you from First Christian?” No, they bith were from Grace UMC. They said they met at the restaurant every Thurs. am for Bible reading and spiritual conversation. I thought that was so neat. I excused myself not wanting to interrupt what they were doing. After I ate I went back over and explained that there was a group meeting in Cerro Gordo using the booklets about the series for the next 4 weeks and I wondered if they’d like to join us just for these 4 weeks. Alas, neither was from Cerro Gordo as I had thought (one from Decatur and one from a little town I’d never heard of 30miles south of us) and one had a meeting every Tues. evening and one worked evenings. I still thought it was a neat encounter that never would have happened if both churches hadnt been doing this study at the same time. However I may drop into the restaurant next Thursday about the same time and see if they’d mind a third conversationalist.


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