GT Update Nov 16

Hey all, can you believe Thanksgiving is only a week away?  Amazing isn’t it.


Speaking of Thanksgiving, I wanted to remind you that we have a LEADER HUDDLE this Sunday at 6 PM in MOSAIC CAFE.  DINNER IS PROVIDED.  This time we are going to be talking about:


Just to be clear, this is NOT how to make your group larger.  It is how to help the people in your group/class become more like Christ.





If you are unable to make it, I will send a follow-up email the week after Thanksgiving.


I mentioned in my last post the possibility of a small group or class serving at Hickory Point Christian Village.  I realize that is a big step so I wanted to invite you join a group who is already serving there, so you can experience what it is like.  They will be serving again on Dec. 20.  If you would like to join them to see what it is like, please let me know.


I will be out of the office next week, so there will be no update, but I wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.  I am so grateful for each of you and the way you serve, lead and shepherd.  It is a blessing to serve with you.  I hope you enjoy a great day with family and friends.

Thank you, JG


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