GT Update | Dec 7

Hello all, as promised this week’s post is a follow up on the Huddle we had a few weeks ago.  Honestly, the things we talked about that evening have been stirring in my mind for the last few weeks.  I am excited to implement them in my group.  If you were there, hopefully this will be a good reminder.  If you were unable to make it that evening, please read through and let me know if you have questions.



As we ate dinner, each table answered these questions.  While it’s probably not as much fun on your own, it is worthwhile to think through your win, struggle and greatest hope for your group or class.  Thinking through these can help you as you plan your trajectory for the winter and spring.



LEADER HUDDLE NOV 19.004One of the most important questions I have for you is “What do you need to succeed?”  My desire is to provide the tools, resources, or answers you need to make the most of your experience as a leader.  Please take a minute to think through anything that could help you succeed, and then please email me and let me know.  Just to be clear, a life-size cutout of Brian Talty is not essential to your success. 🙂


LEADER HUDDLE NOV 19.008In our Huddle in August we talked about the goal of our groups being to help the people in them become more like Jesus.  But, that is a tough goal to measure.  How do we know if the people in our groups and classes are more like Jesus today than they were 3 months ago?  Sometimes, the most important thing we can do is clarify the wins that get us to achieving that goal.  In other words, we need to figure out what we want to look back on and celebrate.  The following thoughts are ideas that I believe push us toward our ultimate goal.

There are 3 areas we can focus on to help the people in our Groups grow. 

EDIT: As I began writing this post, I realized it was going to be extremely long.  So, I am going to focus on one of these areas each of the next 3 weeks.  Here is part 1.



I want to start with a disclaimer.  Every leader from time-to-time questions whether they are qualified to lead and if they are doing a good job.  I want you to know that I believe each of you are doing a good job (even when it doesn’t feel like it), and God has placed you in this role for this season, so you are qualified through the Spirit.

So, Please don’t read the following and feel discouraged, and if your group is struggling, please come talk to me.  I would love to offer some encouragement and help you figured out next steps.

Having said that, here are some key ways to “win” as a leader, and ultimately help the people in your group become more like Jesus.

  1. Attitude reflects leadership.  Please keep in mind that your attitude about your group is contagious.  If you are passionate about growth, your group will most likely be passionate about growth.  If you are phoning it in each week, your group will likely follow suit.
  2. You are the greatest influence on your group.  Yes, ultimately God is the one doing the work, but the time you invest in leading significantly impacts the health of your group.  You are the greatest point of influence and direction in your group. This is most important in regard to change.  Change in your group begins with you.
  3. The most important thing you can do as a leader is care for yourself.  As the spiritual shepherd of your group, sometimes you are the sheep who needs the most attention.  Your personal spiritual journey sets the tone for the group.  You can’t lead where you haven’t been, and you can’t fill others when you are empty.  Sometimes the best thing you can do to influence others is tend to your own soul.   We each have seasons where this needs to be our greatest focus.
  4. There are 2 roles a leader plays:  A leader and manager.  Leaders focus on vision and direction, and managers focus on people and systems.  As a group leader, you must be both of these.  You will naturally gravitate toward one or the other, but it’s important that you keep your group pointed toward the goal and simultaneously care about people and keep your group time organized.

So, as we come to the end of part 1 I have a few questions for you to wrestle with on your own. 

  1. In light of the above, what is your biggest take away?
  2. How does this information encourage you as a leader?
  3. What is one change you would like to make in your leadership to make a greater impact on your group?

Thanks for reading. Next week we will talk about “winning” in your group time.




One thought on “GT Update | Dec 7

  1. Thank you Jonathan. The meeting was helpful and encouraging. It is good to meet with others who do what we do and get perspectives and insights AND get to know one another. Thank you for making the meetings interesting and fun and informative!


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