GT Update | Jan 4 2018

Hello all, and welcome to 2018.  I hope you each had a great Christmas and New Year.


Before we get into today’s post I wanted to remind you that we have a Leader Huddle on January 21 (2 weeks from Sunday) from 6-7 PM in Mosaic Cafe.  DINNER IS PROVIDED.  I really enjoyed our last huddle and am looking forward to this one.  More details to come next week, but please mark your calendar now.



The last two years we have written a study to go along with the sermon series in January and February.  However, this year we have decided to write a study that will accompany the series leading up to Easter (beginning Feb 17/18).  We are excited to see how this can unite our church leading into Holy Week.  In light of that, we would love for each group and class to join us during that time frame.  Please keep that in mind as you decide what your group/class will study in the coming weeks.  If you would like help choosing a study for your group, please email me. I am happy to help.


The beginning of the year presents a natural opportunity for a fresh start, a “re-up”, a chance to look at the past and determine how you would like the future to be different.  While it is important for us each to set goals during this season, it is also important for our groups/classes to set goals.  I mentioned this in my last post, but I would highly encourage you to set aside a group meeting in the next month for your group to set some spiritual goals.  This would be an opportunity for each person in your group to share some personal goals, and to talk about the spiritual goals you could pursue as a group over the next few months.  Not only would this refocus and re-energize your group, but it would serve as a reminder to your group that your ultimate purpose is to help one another become more like Jesus. 

How? If you are interested in setting goals with your group, I would recommend giving your group a heads up prior to the meeting.  Encourage them to think through some personal goals they could share with the group (physical, financial, spiritual, relational).  After each person shares their goals, take a few minutes as a group to discuss these questions.

  1. What motivates you to continue to be a part of this group?
  2. How do you want to be more like Jesus in May?
  3. How could being a part of this group help you become more like Jesus?
  4. What could our group do together during meetings to grow in a deeper way?
  5. What could our group do together outside of our regular meetings to grow in a deeper way?
  6. What’s at stake if we don’t do these things?
  7. How are we going to make sure we make these changes?  Who is responsible for what, and how are we going to hold one another accountable?

I sincerely hope you each give this a try, and I look forward to hearing how it goes.  Thanks again,



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