Hello all, I hope your week has gone well. Thank you to those of you who were able to make it to the Leader Huddle last Sunday night.  If you were unable to make it, I included some thoughts below.


This weekend we begin our TELL ME MORE series.  During this study, we will tackle four big questions as we try to understand our own identity and who God really is:

  • Who Am I? (What does the Bible say about me and God?)
  • Who is Our Father? (What if I don’t know what a “good father” looks like?)
  • Who is Jesus?
  • Who is the Holy Spirit?

As we dive into these topics, we will discover a difference between the MORE we think we want and the MORE we really need. Whether it’s a better way of life, healthier relationships, direction in life, or deeper meaning, MORE is available to you.

The final copy of this study will be available in the next couple days, but I wanted to get some information in your hands, so the link below contains a “mostly” edited version.  I will send you the final version once I receive it.  

In the mean time, here is something to get you going.

TellMeMore_StudyGuide_2018_CS6 copy

Please feel free to download this and share it with your group/class, or we will have some paper copies available at the Welcome Center this weekend.

You will also notice that there are videos that go along with each week of the study.  Here is the link:  Right now, they are still the videos from last year, but they will be updated in the next couple days.   If you don’t have a way to display these at your group (laptop, iPad, etc.), please encourage your group members to watch them before they come to group.


At the Huddle last weekend we watched the video below on leading great discussions.  Please take a minute to check it out.


A few of you requested a Bible reading plan for our upcoming series (cool idea).  While it is much simpler than the previous series’ reading plan, here are some passages you could share with your group to read prior to each weekend.

  • Week 1: Exodus 3 and Psalm 139
  • Week 2: Joshua 1:1-9
  • Week 3: Colossians 1:15-23
  • Week 4: Romans 8:1-17

Thanks again, JG


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