GT Update Oct 25


This is the final week of Tell Me MORE.  Thank you for joining us for this series.  Below is the study guide and video for this week.  Please read beyond that for important information and upcoming events.

TellMeMore_StudyGuide_2018_CS6 copy

Please feel free to share this link with your group/class members.  There are also some printed copies at the Welcome Center.

Here are the videos for each week of the series.

Or, here is a direct link to the week 4 video:

Tell Me More Week 4: Wayne Kent from First Christian Church on Vimeo.


For those of you who have participated in the “In the Beginning” and “Tell Me MORE” studies, it’s time to make a decision with your group about what you will study next.  I have offered a few different ideas over the last few weeks, but I wanted to remind you that we have an entire digital library available to each of you for free.  You can access it at

A few other things to keep in mind:

  • As you decide on your next study, I would highly recommend choosing two studies you are excited about as a leader and asking your group to vote on those two studies.  Too many choices can often lead to no choice being made.
  • Please keep in mind that December is a full month and it can be difficult to meet every week during December.  If you are going to choose a longer study, you could take a brief break in December and get right back to it in January.


Our final Leader Huddle of 2018 will be Sunday November 18 from 6-7:30 in Mosaic Cafe.  Dinner is provided. Also, Pastor Wayne will be joining us that evening.  As key leaders in the church I have asked him to share with you things that has his attention in the life of our church.  Please make it a priority to be at this Huddle.  




I also wanted to remind you that Rightnow Media has a ton of free resources to help you grow as a leader.

Please use this link to check out the training options you see above and many more.


Lastly, I wanted to encourage you as key leaders in our congregation to consider the possibility of attending the Posture Shift event on November 15-16.  You can learn more and register here:  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you, – JG




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