Grow Together | Sept 10

Hello Grow Together Leaders, and welcome to another year! I am so excited to see what God is going to do in and through your group this year.


This weekend we begin this year’s edition of At the Movies. For those who were unable to attend the Leader Huddle last week, below is a video from Pastor Brian about the series.

At the Movies Group Leader Welcome from Brian

This weekend’s (Sept 12/13) movie deals with the topic of community. In light of that, we decided to use this weekend to promote small groups one more time. As a result we will be having Small Group Launch (for new groups) next weekend, and there will not be a study to accompany this weekend’s sermon. If your group is planning to meet next week, we would encourage you to take this time to reconnect with your group and talk about goals you have as a group this year.

Starting next Thursday, I will be posting a study to be used the following week in small group. So, next Thursday (Sept. 17) I will post a video and study guide for your group to be used the following week: Sept. 20-26


Below are the topics we will be discussing during At the Movies. Each week we will reveal the movie to you as the leader of your group, but we would ask that you keep that confidential. We have heard that keeping the movie titles confidential increases participation.

Also, due to copyright laws we will not be able to make the sermon available on-demand. So, we will be doing a replay on Wednesday evenings. In light of that, please encourage your group members to catch the service on the weekend, especially if your group meets before Wednesday evenings.


  • Sept 12/13: Community
  • Sept 19/20: Forgiveness
  • Sept 26/27: Physical/Emotional/Mental Trials & Care Giving
  • Oct 3/4: Racial Reconciliation
  • Oct 10/11: Identity


While this video focuses on basic group leadership, I found it to have some great reminders for me as a small group leader. For those who didn’t see this at the leader huddle, I would encourage you to take a few minutes to watch it and see what ideas stick out to you.


Thank you again, and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you, JG


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