SG Update | Jan 28

Jesus in Old Testament

From time to time, we make it a priority for our small groups to sync up their discussions with what we are learning about on the weekends. We believe this is a good way to build cohesiveness and help people internalize what is being preached. With that in mind, we thought the weeks leading up to Easter would be a good time for our groups to do this.

In light of that, as a church, in the weeks leading up to Easter, we will be looking at passages from the Old Testament that point us toward Christ. This series will begin the weekend of February 20/21. Along with this series, we will be providing a group curriculum to help build on what is taught each weekend. This curriculum will be available the Thursday before each weekend and is to be used when your group meets following each week’s sermon. The first week of the curriculum will be available on Thursday, February 18.

Please take some time during your next group meeting to discuss if your group will participate in this study with us. We would love to have you join us as we prepare our hearts for Good Friday and Easter.

Special Announcement this Weekend.

You may have received a letter in the mail this week or an email today highlighting the special announcement we will be rolling out this weekend. If you missed those, you can learn more here: As leaders in the church, please make sure to catch the service this weekend in-person or online to learn more about what this will mean for our congregation.

Thank you, JG


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