Get your “Circle Maker” Study This Week

Thank you for taking less than 5 minutes to see how get your Grow Together Small Group rallied around prayer this Fall…

For groups who traditionally have childcare, keep your eye out for the take home sheets (Parent Que) in F4 and Discovery Zone, as they will have Prayer prompts each week coinciding with our prayer initiative this fall.
As an aside, Parent Que sheets can always serve as great material for children during small group (beyond childcare) to explore together as a follow-up to the kids’ weekend worship experience.

study the greatest sermon every preached

This week in Worship you’re going to hear the greatest sermon ever preached!

[You as Blog Reader: “Did he just actually say that?!”]

…Yes! Because it’s Jesus’ Sermon! The Sermon on the Mount… ha ha, gotchya!

This week we begin a Seven Week series, “On Earth… as it is in Heaven.”  And if you’re looking for a study for your small group, you may consider doing a study in conjunction with the weekend sermon series.


I would encourage you to take a look at LifeGuide Bible Study “Sermon on the Mount”  by the late John Stott (who by the way, is one of the top Bible scholars of the last century and who has been my go to resource in sermon preparation for this upcoming series)

You can order it through amazon at Sermon-Mount-Lifeguide-Bible-Studies, or we would be glad to help you with the process if you need – just email us at

Small Group Study on the Minor Prophets

When deciding on a curriculum, it is worth considering choosing a small group study that coincides with the topics covered in our regular weekend worship services.

This year the Pastors will be preaching through all 12 of the Minor Prophets. (We’ll cover the first six in January-February and the second six in October-November.)

There are a couple of ways you could approach studying the Minor Prophets in your Small group:

  • ONE, you could take notes on each sermon and prepare your own discussion and questions from the Sermon.  (We also have weekly bulletin inserts on each Minor Prophet to help give you a little more to work with.)
  • Or TWO, you could work though an accompanying study.  For example, available in our resource library in the front office is the Study, Twelve Voices of Truth: A Study of the Minor Prophets by Jack Hayford.  Each participant (or couple) would need a Study Guide and could be purchased in Mosaic Café.

Blessings on your Small Group going into the New Year.

-Pastor Brian