• SHIFT Curriculum
    SHIFT is a three session video curriculum where Pastor Brian Talty and Pastor BJ Leonard introduces Grow Together and Serve Together groups to the concept of blurring the line between the two. The curriculum (DVD and supporting materials) were distributed to the groups at the 1/22/14 Group Huddle. The video sessions are being provided here for convenience (and are not necessarily intended to replace or be a substitute for those materials).The “big idea” is for Grow Together groups (small groups) to gradually shift the DNA of their group(s) to become more mission oriented in the community and neighborhoods they meet in. Likewise, the idea is for Serve Together groups to shift towards developing the kinds of relationships between the people in the Serve Together groups that small groups benefit from. In both cases, it’s about growing together, while being the “tangible touch of Christ” to each other, as well as our community.

    Go HERE for the SHIFT curriculum videos


  • Churchteams User Guide
    This short handbook provides help for Grow Together group leaders on what Churchteams is and how to use it to maintain information about their groups.
    Church Teams User Guide v3

  • FCC Grow Together Group Leader Handbook
    This document is designed to provide small group leaders with some background information on why we have small (Grow Together) groups, as well as an overview of what groups look like (size, focus, organization, meeting setup, etc.). Also discussed are leader qualifications, as well as a primer on dealing with “difficult” personality types you might encounter in a group and how that can affect discussions.
    Small Group Handbook v3-Sep2013

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